The tablecloth is the foundation of the table!

I am sitting this evening at my glass table completely bare of decoration or protection. It’s stark and cold and completely utilitarian. I have my laptop and papers, my phone and a cup of tea spread across the table. There are fingerprints and cat hair on its surface too. The table seems to always be a favorite spot for my cat. I think the cat enjoys being up high so that he can see all of what’s going on in the house.


This simple round glass table is a catch all for my life. Often, I throw my purse, books and keys, calendars and receipts. The pretty glass table can certainly become a cluttered mess in a hurry. The fun thing about it is that when the holidays arrive, this table will become a sparkling gem. The dining room table has much more of a job than just a catch all or a place for everyone to dine, it’s the center of the gathering, the place where the family and guests all have an equal chair to sit and share and it does, of course, set the theme of the event.

I come from a long line of table decorating queens. My grandmother’s dining room table was always the epitome of ‘The Thanksgiving Picture’ also known as ‘Freedom from Want,’ by Norman Rockwell. In the famous painting, the grandmother is holding the large roasted turkey and setting it on the dinner table while all the family looked on in anticipation. The table cloth appears to be a simple white woven tablecloth or damask. The simple backdrop allows the china and home cooked meal to be the star. I remember my grandmother’s brisket and broccoli casserole. Not only was she a fabulous cook, she also made sure all of the details for the meal and its presentation were considered. Everything from the tablecloth to the special jelly jar was on the table for a purpose….and there was always a beautiful table cloth and matching napkins.


Whether you are using a simple woven tablecloth or one of our fancy printed varieties, the tablecloth is the foundation of the table, the canvas for the host to paint. Happy entertaining!

Sparkle Organza Will Make Your Tables Shine!

Sparkle organza made the room sparkle from floor to ceiling. Every inch of the scene had been sprinkled with touches of iridescence. In the center of it all was the most spectacular tables set with a glittery sparkle organza placed over the linen tablecloths in a rainbow of sheer sparkling hues of pink, raspberry, blue and lilac. The tables were set for a queen or at least a court of princesses.

sparkle organza sparkle organza

How lovely each setting was laid upon draped swatches of sparkle organza. The colors were stretched across the tables in a pinwheel fashion with the apex in the middle marking the spot for a large bouquet of dreamy flowers falling out of a tall vessel.

The sparkle organza tablecloths were elegantly trimmed with an edge of stitching which was just as sparkling as the fabric. The attention to detail was a sure gesture that these customized tablecloths were made for only the most special of events. The candle light which lit the table caught every thread of fabric and gave an air of magic to the room. To be one of the guests at these tables was truly a honor.

To make the tables even more amazing to the eye, each high back chair was dressed and wrapped in sheer sparkle organza which coordinated with the tablecloth. Fabulous wrapped bows were tied at the back of each chair making each seat look like a gift ready for giving.

The finest china and crystal were placed in order at each setting with shiny silver framing each plate. The napkins were cloth and folded in a fan across the plate adding delight to each and everyone.

It was a dreamy scene which was sure to be remembered by each guest. It was every detail, each touch of glamour, each piece set carefully and all a glory from the basic piece of the decor…the sparkle organza tablecloth!

Visit our website to see all the colors of Sparkle Organza that we offer.

Patriotic Fourth of July Tablecloths are a blast!

Patriotic tablecloths are a must have. Being patriotic can be a lot more than flying a flag. Entertaining and decorating for patriotic holidays and events is easy and fun when you combine just a few key pieces. When setting a patriotic themed table, the tablecloth should be the first step. Our Stars or the Awning Stripe tablecloth fabric are designed just for spring and summer tables inside or out. We also have some online printed tablecloths that are great fourth of July tablecloths. The patterns are called Americana, and Sparkler.

patriotic tablecloths    patriotic tablecloths    patriotic tablecloths    patriotic tablecloths

With a simple theme of patriotic fun, a table can be dressed in our tablecloth of white stars on a bright background of either blue or red fabric. When you use white plates and alternate red and blue napkins, the theme begins to come alive. Little American stick flags set in holders flanking a clear glass hurricane holding a large white pillar candle is a clever way to add the theme. If Betsy Ross could have only known how many ways her hand-stitched flag would be used, she would have been amazed! How striking a few tall stems of red, white and blue carnations are when being displayed as a bright and festive centerpiece. All the host will need is a platter of hamburgers, a plate of corn-on-the cob and of course, apple pie to impress their guests!

The striped awning  patriotic tablecloths is the perfect choice when setting an elegant or casual tablescape. Choosing either the blue or red awning fabric, with the opposite color for napkins, your table will sing, “You’re a Grand ‘ol Flag” to all who see it. Sparkle up the table with a bright blue cobalt vase displaying a bouquet of red carnations and baby’s breath as the centerpiece. Your guests will feel special when their place at the table has individual little votive candles sparkling at each setting. If you are going for a more elegant look, the black and white awning linen patriotic tablecloth looks stunning with lots of silver and gold accents. White plates with silver or gold chargers give a midas touch. Add a grouping of metallic gold and silver candles of all different sizes holding rank in the center of the table will give your table dazzle and elegance.

Check us out online, linen tablecloths come in many different colors and fabrics. Remember to have fun with tablescaping by adding whimsy such as sparkles and glitter and maybe even a little firecracker or two! I’d say…these tables will be a blast! (no pun intended)

Red Check Tablecloths

Red check tablecloths? Other than a woven picnic basket, what makes a picnic complete…how about a snappy check tablecloth? What could be more iconic in dining than the red checkered tablecloth spread onto the ground to make a fun little picnic. I remember growing up in the 1960’s, we had a vinyl tablecloth with a soft backing and used it for all of our outdoor cookouts and picnics. It was even packed for vacations and taken to beaches. The customized tablecloth was what made our little meals and entertaining outside seem somehow civilized. 

rec check tablecloths            red check tablecloths

The gingham red check tablecloths could not be more perfect for barbecues and outdoor buffets, adding color and style to outdoor tables. Custom vinyl tablecloths are perfect for catching all the little spills of ketchup, mustard or watermelon juice and seeds. At the end of the party, all the host had to do is wipe it with a wet rag or hose it down if the aftermath looks like a food fight. 

As a host of any dinner or party, the objective is to make your guests feel comfortable and entertained. Adding the little touches like a fun checkered tablecloth to complete the theme, is a super easy way to add to pizzazz your event.

Today, I still pull out my checkered linen tablecloths when entertaining outdoors or sometimes even for an indoor casual spaghetti dinner…that little extra touch of fabric and color gives the finishing touch to the meal. I even have matching cloth napkins to use when I entertain. Why not go for a real designer table linen look and have matching placemats and table runners? Add a couple of candles and some shiny silverware and a flower in a vase, ta-da…it’s a party!  Now, if my cooking was as spiffy as my table, I would be up town!

Here are some direct links to the red check tablecloths that we offer.

Cloth red check tablecloths.

Vinyl red check tablecloths

Green Tablecloths and Decor

Green Tablecloths? Pantone’s Color of the Year 2017 is green! This is a piece of information that every decorator and entertainer needs to know. Not only is green the color of the year but believe it or not, it’s a basic color to build your table decor from. In nature, everything goes together. Just imagine how beautiful a red rose is on a brown stem with green leaves or yellow dandelions and purple clover offset by the lush green grass and a blue sky. Green ties everything together naturally!

Green tablecloths

When considering a useful customized tablecloth color, a green one might just be the ticket. Depending on if you choose a light pastel green for spring or a deep, dark forest color for fall and winter tables, green is a great decorating foundation.

For summer and spring tables, a lighter grassy shaded table cloth with fun flowery dishes and some bright-colored napkins and placemats would be perfect. Small white votive candles and fresh flowers with some trailing greenery like tiny ferns would be make an elegant presentation.

A winter table would look so luxurious with a dark Forest hue or even a brighter holiday green. Adding crisp, clean and white dishes with a few pieces of nature like, pinecones or autumn colored leaves and acorns is also very attractive. One of the easiest table decors is white candles in various heights setting amongst a scattering of little sparkly glitter pieces on the tablecloth. It is simple, classic and anyone can set the table and make it look nice.

When choosing a shade for any decor in your house, remember to choose what you love. Following all the guidelines from magazines and the stuffy interior design market, could make anyone afraid to take the first step in decorating. Rules of thumb are usually to keep it simple and basic and then just add little accent pieces to change the look from event to event and season to season. If you want something more than a plain tablecloth, why not go for a custom print tablecloth with green colors. Our online printed tablecloths can be customized to suit your every need.