Green Tablecloths and Decor

Green Tablecloths? Pantone’s Color of the Year 2017 is green! This is a piece of information that every decorator and entertainer needs to know. Not only is green the color of the year but believe it or not, it’s a basic color to build your table decor from. In nature, everything goes together. Just imagine how beautiful a red rose is on a brown stem with green leaves or yellow dandelions and purple clover offset by the lush green grass and a blue sky. Green ties everything together naturally!

Green tablecloths

When considering a useful customized tablecloth color, a green one might just be the ticket. Depending on if you choose a light pastel green for spring or a deep, dark forest color for fall and winter tables, green is a great decorating foundation.

For summer and spring tables, a lighter grassy shaded table cloth with fun flowery dishes and some bright-colored napkins and placemats would be perfect. Small white votive candles and fresh flowers with some trailing greenery like tiny ferns would be make an elegant presentation.

A winter table would look so luxurious with a dark Forest hue or even a brighter holiday green. Adding crisp, clean and white dishes with a few pieces of nature like, pinecones or autumn colored leaves and acorns is also very attractive. One of the easiest table decors is white candles in various heights setting amongst a scattering of little sparkly glitter pieces on the tablecloth. It is simple, classic and anyone can set the table and make it look nice.

When choosing a shade for any decor in your house, remember to choose what you love. Following all the guidelines from magazines and the stuffy interior design market, could make anyone afraid to take the first step in decorating. Rules of thumb are usually to keep it simple and basic and then just add little accent pieces to change the look from event to event and season to season. If you want something more than a plain tablecloth, why not go for a custom print tablecloth with green colors. Our online printed tablecloths can be customized to suit your every need.