I am sitting this evening at my glass table completely bare of decoration or protection. It’s stark and cold and completely utilitarian. I have my laptop and papers, my phone and a cup of tea spread across the table. There are fingerprints and cat hair on its surface too. The table seems to always be a favorite spot for my cat. I think the cat enjoys being up high so that he can see all of what’s going on in the house.


This simple round glass table is a catch all for my life. Often, I throw my purse, books and keys, calendars and receipts. The pretty glass table can certainly become a cluttered mess in a hurry. The fun thing about it is that when the holidays arrive, this table will become a sparkling gem. The dining room

Sparkle organza made the room sparkle from floor to ceiling. Every inch of the scene had been sprinkled with touches of iridescence. In the center of it all was the most spectacular tables set with a glittery sparkle organza placed over the linen tablecloths in a rainbow of sheer sparkling hues of pink, raspberry, blue and lilac. The tables were set for a queen or at least a court of princesses.

sparkle organza sparkle organza

How lovely each setting was laid upon draped swatches of sparkle organza. The colors were stretched across the tables in a pinwheel fashion with the apex in the middle marking the spot for a large bouquet of dreamy flowers falling out of a tall

Patriotic tablecloths are a must have. Being patriotic can be a lot more than flying a flag. Entertaining and decorating for patriotic holidays and events is easy and fun when you combine just a few key pieces. When setting a patriotic themed table, the tablecloth should be the first step. Our Stars or the Awning Stripe tablecloth fabric are designed just for spring and summer tables inside or out. We also have some online printed tablecloths that are great fourth of July tablecloths. The patterns are called Americana, and Sparkler.

patriotic tablecloths    patriotic tablecloths    patriotic tablecloths    

Red Check Tablecloths

Red check tablecloths? Other than a woven picnic basket, what makes a picnic complete…how about a snappy check tablecloth? What could be more iconic in dining than the red checkered tablecloth spread onto the ground to make a fun little picnic. I remember growing up in the 1960’s, we had a vinyl tablecloth with a soft backing and used it for all of our outdoor cookouts and picnics. It was even packed for vacations and taken to beaches. The customized tablecloth was what made our little meals and entertaining outside seem somehow civilized. 

rec check tablecloths            red check tablecloths

The gingham red check tablecloths could not be more perfect for barbecues

Green Tablecloths and Decor

Green Tablecloths? Pantone’s Color of the Year 2017 is green! This is a piece of information that every decorator and entertainer needs to know. Not only is green the color of the year but believe it or not, it’s a basic color to build your table decor from. In nature, everything goes together. Just imagine how beautiful a red rose is on a brown stem with green leaves or yellow dandelions and purple clover offset by the lush green grass and a blue sky. Green ties everything together naturally!

Green tablecloths

When considering a useful customized tablecloth color, a green one might just be the ticket. Depending on if you choose a light pastel green for spring or a deep, dark forest color for fall and winter