Sparkle Organza Will Make Your Tables Shine!

Sparkle organza made the room sparkle from floor to ceiling. Every inch of the scene had been sprinkled with touches of iridescence. In the center of it all was the most spectacular tables set with a glittery sparkle organza placed over the linen tablecloths in a rainbow of sheer sparkling hues of pink, raspberry, blue and lilac. The tables were set for a queen or at least a court of princesses.

sparkle organza sparkle organza

How lovely each setting was laid upon draped swatches of sparkle organza. The colors were stretched across the tables in a pinwheel fashion with the apex in the middle marking the spot for a large bouquet of dreamy flowers falling out of a tall vessel.

The sparkle organza tablecloths were elegantly trimmed with an edge of stitching which was just as sparkling as the fabric. The attention to detail was a sure gesture that these customized tablecloths were made for only the most special of events. The candle light which lit the table caught every thread of fabric and gave an air of magic to the room. To be one of the guests at these tables was truly a honor.

To make the tables even more amazing to the eye, each high back chair was dressed and wrapped in sheer sparkle organza which coordinated with the tablecloth. Fabulous wrapped bows were tied at the back of each chair making each seat look like a gift ready for giving.

The finest china and crystal were placed in order at each setting with shiny silver framing each plate. The napkins were cloth and folded in a fan across the plate adding delight to each and everyone.

It was a dreamy scene which was sure to be remembered by each guest. It was every detail, each touch of glamour, each piece set carefully and all a glory from the basic piece of the decor…the sparkle organza tablecloth!

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