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 At Trendy Tablecloths, our custom printed tablecloths have you – and your tables – perfectly covered!

 Custom Printed Tablecloths – Sometimes in life, the tables will turn on you! At Trendy Tablecloths, we make sure your tables are here to stay. Don’t worry. We’ve got you – and your tables – covered!

Since 2003, Trendy Tablecloths has been creating custom made tablecloths for every occasion. With a vast array of designer cloth fabrics, along with numerous commercial-quality vinyl fabrics in a variety of patterns and colors, there is something for practically every table in your life!

Consider custom tablecloths as the designer outfits for your tables. After all, tablecloths have certainly have become a constant staple in most houses, restaurants, and hotels. Other than tablecloths, we also offer other table linens such as matching napkins, placemats, skirting, table runners, and fabric by the yard. Need a burlap table runner, we can make it for you. We also offer custom printed tablecloths over several fabric lines, and have 100’s of patterns to choose from that are custom printed to your liking. Trying to math a color or pattern, we can do that. Need a logo or image printed, we can make it for you!

Are you wanting a vinyl tablecloth?

The vinyl tablecloths we offer are of heavy-duty commercial grade material and will repeatedly stand up to the test of time. We are proud of our 10-gauge 9800 series vinyl tablecloths and are 13-gauge 6100 series vinyl tablecloths, which are far heavier than their department store counterparts. And for added durability, they come complete with a poly felt backing to them.  Need to save money, you can opt for our 7 gauge vinyl, which is still heavier that the department stores. For what more could you ask? No matter the size or shape of the table, we have tablecloths designed to fit, and in a wide range of colors, too. We do not discriminate against any table! And clean up? It’s a breeze. Just wipe with a clean, damp rag. Done!

So, forget about the frustration of finding only a minimal selection of tablecloths in traditional department stores. We can custom make one for you, and all it takes is just a few clicks here to get that accomplished! With our speedy turn-around service, not only will we have your table(s) covered, we’ll have you covered, too. In just a few days’ time, your table(s) will enjoy a brand new look. We can ship most of our cloth fabric orders quickly. Fair warning, however, the custom printed tablecloths and orders in vinyl may take a bit longer, but that’s only because we want to deliver the best to you!

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