Red Check Tablecloths

Red check tablecloths? Other than a woven picnic basket, what makes a picnic complete…how about a snappy check tablecloth? What could be more iconic in dining than the red checkered tablecloth spread onto the ground to make a fun little picnic. I remember growing up in the 1960’s, we had a vinyl tablecloth with a soft backing and used it for all of our outdoor cookouts and picnics. It was even packed for vacations and taken to beaches. The customized tablecloth was what made our little meals and entertaining outside seem somehow civilized. 

rec check tablecloths            red check tablecloths

The gingham red check tablecloths could not be more perfect for barbecues and outdoor buffets, adding color and style to outdoor tables. Custom vinyl tablecloths are perfect for catching all the little spills of ketchup, mustard or watermelon juice and seeds. At the end of the party, all the host had to do is wipe it with a wet rag or hose it down if the aftermath looks like a food fight. 

As a host of any dinner or party, the objective is to make your guests feel comfortable and entertained. Adding the little touches like a fun checkered tablecloth to complete the theme, is a super easy way to add to pizzazz your event.

Today, I still pull out my checkered linen tablecloths when entertaining outdoors or sometimes even for an indoor casual spaghetti dinner…that little extra touch of fabric and color gives the finishing touch to the meal. I even have matching cloth napkins to use when I entertain. Why not go for a real designer table linen look and have matching placemats and table runners? Add a couple of candles and some shiny silverware and a flower in a vase, ta-da…it’s a party!  Now, if my cooking was as spiffy as my table, I would be up town!

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Cloth red check tablecloths.

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