The tablecloth is the foundation of the table!

I am sitting this evening at my glass table completely bare of decoration or protection. It’s stark and cold and completely utilitarian. I have my laptop and papers, my phone and a cup of tea spread across the table. There are fingerprints and cat hair on its surface too. The table seems to always be a favorite spot for my cat. I think the cat enjoys being up high so that he can see all of what’s going on in the house.


This simple round glass table is a catch all for my life. Often, I throw my purse, books and keys, calendars and receipts. The pretty glass table can certainly become a cluttered mess in a hurry. The fun thing about it is that when the holidays arrive, this table will become a sparkling gem. The dining room table has much more of a job than just a catch all or a place for everyone to dine, it’s the center of the gathering, the place where the family and guests all have an equal chair to sit and share and it does, of course, set the theme of the event.

I come from a long line of table decorating queens. My grandmother’s dining room table was always the epitome of ‘The Thanksgiving Picture’ also known as ‘Freedom from Want,’ by Norman Rockwell. In the famous painting, the grandmother is holding the large roasted turkey and setting it on the dinner table while all the family looked on in anticipation. The table cloth appears to be a simple white woven tablecloth or damask. The simple backdrop allows the china and home cooked meal to be the star. I remember my grandmother’s brisket and broccoli casserole. Not only was she a fabulous cook, she also made sure all of the details for the meal and its presentation were considered. Everything from the tablecloth to the special jelly jar was on the table for a purpose….and there was always a beautiful table cloth and matching napkins.


Whether you are using a simple woven tablecloth or one of our fancy printed varieties, the tablecloth is the foundation of the table, the canvas for the host to paint. Happy entertaining!